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Most advertising is created to appeal to a specific section of the population. These areas can be defined as

left brain / right brain. Those of us who use the left hemisphere of the brain require quantitative, fact- based

stimulation. Those of us who rely on the right hemisphere of the brain require conceptual, feeling - based

stimulation. The challenge for the creative director is to create the piece that embraces both parts of the brain,

allowing the two sides to come together in mutual agreement, recognition, and validation. In essence, the

artist must create projects that “work” for the whole. It is this challenge that a true artist craves; the opportunity to tease and cajole both sides of the brain into accepting the product or idea central to the advertisement.


In the end, that creative director, through his/her work, has acknowledged the specific characteristics of these two powerful forces, has extrapolated the necessary ingredients from both, and created a piece that “works.”

The ideal creative director is one who has the ability to traverse both sides of the playing field, one who utilizes

both hemispheres of the brain, a whole brained individual; the perfect artist.


Welcome to the philosophy that drives me. Richard Etienne.

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